Insect and Disease Control

What methods does Arborlogical Inc. use?


Traditionally the most common form of application. Used primarily as a reactive measure, this method also eliminates beneficial insects and microorganisms. While it is often times the best choice, we strive to be environmentally conscious when prescribing an application.

Dormant Oil

A winter spray treatment designed to suffocate overwintering insects and insect eggs.

Soil Injections and Basal Drenches

A solution is injected or drenched directly into the cambium or the soil rooting zone which allows for safer and more efficient delivery. This method can treat a broad range of insects and diseases.

Bark Banding

Bark banding is used to treat and prevent a broad range of insects. The insecticide is mixed with a penetrant and applied to the trunk of the tree. Bark Banding is less invasive than a trunk injection while being more environmentally friendly than foliar sprays.

Trunk Injection

This method is often used to treat and prevent insect infestations, fungal diseases, and severe nutrient deficiencies. Many of the applications we administer in this manor have long lasting residual protection as an added value. Our applicators use the ArborJet system to administer these injections. Read more about this application process.