Proper pruning is important. The majority of trees you see in an urban environment are not native. Proper pruning encourages healthy vertical growth while discouraging warped growth patterns.

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Tree pruning types

The primary techniques for pruning trees are training, cleaning, thinning, and raising. Some trees may need only one type of pruning while others may require all four.

Technique used on juvenile trees to ensure a good growth and branching pattern once the tree reaches maturity. Properly training a tree early can prevent major failure and or bad growth habits before they materialize


The removal of deadwood throughout the canopy.


The removal of crossing and rubbing branches along with selective thinning of the canopy. This allows for better light penetration and takes the weight off heavier branches.


The lifting or removal of low hanging limbs. Raising may be required for the clearance of buildings, fences, and utility lines.