Lawn Fertilization

Customized lawn applications are something Arborlogical Inc. takes great pride in. Not every lawn needs the same thing at the same time. Let the experts at Arborlogical Inc. custom tailor a lawn program to meet your needs. Our lawn programs generally consist of 5 applications throughout the course of a year.

Each time an applicator is on your property they will evaluate the lawn and apply products according to the season and your lawn's needs.

Our applications may consist of one or more of the following:​

Post emergent weed control
Pre-emergent weed control

Why should you fertilize your lawn?

Lawn fertilization should be a part of routine maintenance and is necessary to produce the results we as homeowners have come to expect from our landscapes. Healthy lawns will have fewer weeds and are resistant to disease and pest infestations.

Organic lawn fertilization

​Arborlogical Inc. is an environmentally conscious company. Should you choose to only use organic products on your property we are more than happy to accommodate.