Satisfied customers is priority number 1.

Our team of arborist and tree and turf care specialists will create a solution that is right for you. We have built an excellent reputation in Amarillo, Lubbock, Lakewood and surround areas by providing customers with superior service and over-all satisfaction.

"We have trusted Arborlogical Inc. for 22 years for taking care of our large trees. We knew we could trust them with removing a large tree in our backyard. I had no idea how they would manage to remove that large tree, but I had all the confidence in them to do so. They had all the right equipment and team! It was amazing to watch!"

Lil Withrow

"You guys are easy to recommend because you take care of people and you know what you are doing!!!"

Cleve Turner

"Approximately one year ago, I happened to see a billboard advertising [Arborlogical Inc.'s] services. After suffering quite a few landscape "disasters" in the past, I was ready to try a different approach. My call to the company was promptly returned and an appointment was scheduled to discuss the many trees and shrubs on our property in Wolflin. Within a few days, the professional young men with [Arborlogical Inc.] arrived to begin the extensive project. I was so impressed by their enthusiasm, the quality of the equipment used on the job, the expertise that was evident as they worked hard throughout the day, and the beautiful outcome of their labor. Because I was so pleased, I requested that they become the caretakers of our trees and shrubs throughout the year-pruning, feeding, and spraying as needed. Since that time, my husband has hired
[Arborlogical Inc.] to provide the care and feeding of the trees on and around the Maxor Building on Polk Street.

In addition, we employed their services to do the interior Christmas decorations for the Downtown Athletic Club, our business that is located in the Maxor Building as well as the exterior Christmas lighting for our home. The compliments were overwhelming! People have praised how beautiful our trees look and how lovely the Christmas decorations were. We, in turn, have not ceased to sing their praises!

It is so refreshing to experience their positive attitudes, impeccable manners, unbelievable dedication, and amazing eye for beauty that is evident in all that they do. Whenever we have the opportunity, we do not hesitate to share our good experiences with others and to highly recommend their services."

Margaret & Jerry Hodge

"The guys that came to trim my live oak did the best job of ANY work ever done for me! They were very thorough and cleaned up every single twig. They even took care with my little dog. I have no complaints and can't criticize any part of their work. My tree looks amazing and I'm very impressed with them!"

Marie Griffin

"They did an outstanding job! They did EXACTLY what we wanted done, plus some! They even went next door and asked permission from our neighbor to trim some branches on their tree that were intruding on my tree. I always appreciate a job well done, and they certainly impressed me!"

Arthur Tupin

"Scott and Eric are so wonderful! They both came up and hugged me and tried to comfort me because they knew I was having a hard time with the tree having to be removed. Scott made some really sweet comments and even cut a special log and brought it to me so that I can have it incorporated into my new flower bed. You have the best guys and I just love
you all!"

Damaris Schlong

"Kelley and his crews have done work for me on three ranches and three residences in the Panhandle. The jobs were extensive tree pruning, insect control, fertilization, and even exterior Christmas lighting for our home. I felt Kelley and his men always did excellent work and were a pleasure to deal with. They were always friendly, hard working, and very agreeable. On top of performing excellent work, I felt Kelley's services were of excellent value. Kelley is very conscientious and made sure I was 100% satisfied before leaving the work site. He seemed to always go the extra mile and do more than I expected.

​I highly recommend Kelley and [Arborlogical Inc.] because of his integrity, willingness to do whatever it takes to please his customers, and the excellent knowledge and service he provides for his customers."

Brent Caviness

"The guys did a great job taking the dead out of my trees! Joe is especially good! He did our back yard tree last month and he is just awesome and so talented at what he does!" -

Shirley Clem